Kevin Ward

Founder & CEO

"I train real estate agents how to WIN.…how to win in business and in life. I teach them how to get YES without the B.S.

I help them discover the CERTAINTY to be able to move mountains. I believe in GREATNESS…and in the greatness inside of you. I do what I do because you matter and your dreams matter. I am here to equip you with the tools and the systems to make your business and life a masterpiece.

And every amazing player on our Team is here to fight with you for your dreams."

Darlesia House

"As a real estate agent myself, I get to witness on a daily basis what our mission does for our clients and their businesses. I understand the value of a great coach and Kevin is the best! I recognize the systems at YM as some of the most valuable in the industry. I love our amazing team and clients and as a part of the coaching department, I get to witness firsthand the amazing effect YesMasters has on our clients lives!"

Executive Assistant

Cory Ford


"I'm here to tell the stories of success that Yesmasters has created through its coaching programs and beyond. I really enjoy working with the team and I think we're all capable of doing extraordinary things together. It's my hope that through the videos I create, our clients find a way of connecting and understanding that reaching your goals in life is something truly possible."

"I'm here at YesMasters to bring out the best features of the company, to create designs to attract great clients. It's truly an honor to be working in one of the top notch real estate coaching companies in the world. Not only I can do what I love to do but it's also a place where learning and retooling are encouraged. Being at YesMasters enables me to work with people I can learn from."

Riza Moreno

Graphic Designer

Paul Taghoy

Billing Specialist

"I have witnessed how YesMasters changed so many lives - be it in those who are already in the the Real Estate Industry or those who're just starting their real estate business and I believe in the value YesMasters can bring to its clientele. I am extremely grateful to be part of an amazing team that works together towards in achieving positive change for the organization and for our clients."

"Creating compelling pieces to market YesMasters products & services is what I do. I'm here because I want to continue contributing to the growth of the company & our clients. Beyond that, I love YesMasters because it has transformed my life in more ways than one."

Pepper Tan


Mejean Magboo

Customer Service Representative

"It is an honor to be part of the Dream Team at YesMasters, which values teamwork while also holding professionals accountable for their actions. I love working with my colleagues but also enjoy the opportunity to work independently. I feel my professional personality fits in with the company's culture and values. I also appreciate the company's mission of mastering the seven domains in life as this can help my dedication to go way above and beyond in my role as customer and admin support."

Reno Pace

Technical Director

"I’m here to help real estate agents achieve their goals through online systems and processes. When I’m not deep in work developing systems for YesMasters, you can find me jumping away at a trampoline park with my 2 boys."

Our Core Values

Our values are the core of YesMasters.

They help drive every decision we make and every interaction we have with our clients.