This is No B.S. Real Estate Success Coaching.

Mastery Coaching

Elite LIVE weekly coaching and weekly role play calls with Kevin Ward and Master Coaches in an interactive video conference call format. Includes personal on-demand video coaching and comprehensive 24/7 online training for your entire business and much more.

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Six Figure Club

It all starts with Kevin’s transformational 100-Day Challenge. Designed for full-time agents who desire to compress time and dramatically accelerate their growth and results fast and to build a highly profitable business and a life they love. Limited enrollment available.

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Inner Circle Mind

A High Level Mastermind with high-producing agents earning 6 & 7-Figure Incomes. Live weekly coaching with Kevin Ward. The Inner Circle focuses on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Success in your Business and in your Life including your finances, relationships, health, and personal fulfillment. Criteria must be met to qualify.

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Kevin Ward

Founder & Head Coach

Kevin started selling real estate in May 1998 and has been full-time ever since as an agent, broker, owner, team leader or coach. He founded YesMasters in 2012.

Kevin’s approach to coaching is personal, holistic, no B.S., and for “PROS ONLY…amateurs not allowed.”

He believes that true success means winning in every domain of your life, (Finances, Family/Friends, Fitness, Feelings, Focus, Faith, and Fun).

His passion is leading agents on a transformational journey to success and true greatness…both through his coaching and by setting the example with his own ongoing growth including having several coaches for himself.

When Kevin isn’t coaching he loves hanging out with his wife, Julie (who happens to be the CEO of YesMasters), traveling, chasing his dreams, and sailing on his yacht.

Sergio Nazzaro

Master Coach

Sergio is a full-time agent with 8Z Real Estate in Denver, Colorado. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Upon the completion of his 13-year service in the Air Force, to include one tour to Afghanistan, he completed his MBA from the University of Colorado.

He became a licensed real estate broker in 2014 for the purpose of conducting his own real estate investing endeavors. He quickly realized that his project management experience, digital marketing skills, business education, and negotiation skills would allow him to excel in representing buyers and sellers. Sergio began selling real estate full-time in 2018 and earned his first $1 Million in commissions in only 26 months.



Glad you asked! This is one of our most common questions. Here’s the video where Kevin discusses 10 reasons why YesMasters’ coaching is different:

Yes. Each coaching program is unique, so refer to that program for the details.

Mastery Coaching is our entry level coaching program and is always open enrollment, so you can get started any time. It is month-to-month. 6-Figure Club Coaching and Inner Circle MasterMind have required criteria that must be met in order to join.

100% Yes! Mastery Coaching is Kevin’s only program that is always open for new members and is ideal for new agents who want to guarantee their success. The 6-Figure Club Coaching & Challenge (limited registration times) is ideal for new and experienced agents who want the highest level of accountability and accelerated results. The Inner Circle MasterMind is for experienced YesMasters only who are already earning $250,000+ a year and is by Invitation Only.

Read the details on each one and then make the choice that seems best to you. Mastery Coaching has a Risk-Free Guarantee so you can try it out with no risk. 6-Figure Club Coaching and the Challenge are for full-time agents only and requires a much higher level of commitment. The Inner Circle MasterMind is for experienced YesMasters only who are already earning $250,000+ a year and is by Invitation Only.

Yes. However, Kevin’s live weekly coaching members are designed specifically for active, full-time licensed agents, so there is no training on pre-licensing issues.

By simply registering for Mastery Coaching and trying it out for up to 30 days. There is no risk, and you can cancel at any time.

The first step is to completely review the details of the course or program in which you are interested. After that, if you have specific questions, you may email our support team at Our support team is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday. If there is a question they cannot answer by email, then you may request a phone call with one of our support team or Master Coaches.


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