How to Work with Real Estate Investors for Realtors

SUMMARY Rob Howie and Dana Malone…were 2 of my favorite clients (over 50 transactions) - They were Investors. Working with seasoned investors is completely different than working with normal home buyers and sellers. Many people that call themselves “Investors” are not really investors and will…

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How to Guarantee Failure as A New Real Estate Agent

SUMMARY Here is the fastest way to guarantee you don't succeed as an agent: By always asking "What if..." and trying to figure out all the things that could go wrong. Worry kills action & dreams. "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." --Mark…

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The High Touch, Low-Tech Strategy to Win More Listings

SUMMARY So many sales professionals are talking more than the prospect, and they don’t listen to what the prospect has to say. Have you ever had a conversation with another person, and while you were talking, you could sense they weren’t really listening? You win listings with your ears, not your…

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Stupid Realtor Strategies – “We Have Full Price Offer”

SUMMARY One of the worst things that can happen to a seller is to get stuck with a lazy real estate agent.  A great listing agent always thinks about how to help the seller get the best offers and the most money for their house. Here are two stupid mistakes the listing agent made on a property we…

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How to Convert More Leads with Great Lead Follow-Up

SUMMARY Having tens of thousands of leads is useless if you can’t convert leads into qualified appointments. The secret is a great lead follow up plan. Here are the 4 Keys to making it work: Schedule it. Have a set time every day to follow up on your leads. Block out 30 minutes each day to do…

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