How to Start Role Playing Scripts

SUMMARY Do you want to start role-playing but don’t know how? The 2 important things you will need are good scripts and great role-play partners. Here’s the procedure on how to start roleplaying scripts:  Start with prospecting scripts. (If you don't already have a copy of The Book of YES,…

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The Biggest Lie Told to New Real Estate Agents

SUMMARY This is the biggest LIE told to people who are getting into real estate: ”Real estate is easy and anyone can do it..." The truth is, it’s hard! 80% of real estate agents will fail and quit. Real estate is hard because you have no salary. You earn from commissions, so there are no…

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When Friends Choose A Different Agent

SUMMARY How do you handle it when friends or family use a different agent? 1. Accept that it is not their responsibility to use you. 2. Stop taking it personally...take it as feedback. 3. Wish them the best and be ready to catch them on the rebound. 4. Keep building relationships. (Some will.…

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Emergency! The Recession is Coming!

SUMMARY Is the recession coming? How should agents prepare? What should we expect? Last year, I shot a video on "HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE COMING MARKET CRASH." What is my take on it today? It’s an EMERGENCY! The recession is’s not here yet. If you’re not making money now when the…

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To All the Struggling Realtors

SUMMARY Start changing how you show up every day and go to to download your FREE copy of the Mindset of a Master. It has over 20 daily declarations to help reprogram your mindset, so you can finally stop struggling. There are so many agents with good hearts and…

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