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Overcoming Fear

How to Overcome Fear

October 29, 20235 min read



Everyone experiences fear, mainly because we anticipate pain, discomfort, or a lack of confidence in certain situations.

Here’s a simple solution to overcome fear:

Face your fear by doing something that makes you afraid every day. Consistent action is the key to conquering fear. If you're afraid of role-playing, practice it with different partners for 30 days.

The same approach applies to other fears, such as prospecting and lead follow-up, where repeated action will reduce fear.

Because fear thrives in inaction and is essentially a story in your mind about potential negative outcomes.

In his book "The Magic of Thinking Big", David Schwartz says, "Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain."

You’ve got dreams to fulfill, so do the work. Face your fear. 

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Full Transcript

How do you stop being afraid? So I had a coaching member ask me this recently: "How do I get over being afraid?" Well, you get over it. Code number 6 of the YesMasters Code: Get over it.

Hey there, it's your Coach Kevin Ray Ward with your Fire Zone message of the day. And I get it. It's real. We all get afraid. We all get afraid of doing certain things. There are things that we are afraid of. And the reason we're afraid of them is because we anticipate they could mean pain. It's going to be uncomfortable. We don't feel confident. So we're afraid of it. So today I'm going to give you a very, very simple formula for how you get over fear and how you stop being afraid. Start doing what makes you afraid every day. Just start doing one thing that makes you afraid every day. "I'm nervous about role playing. Well, get a roleplay partner and start role playing. You start doing it. Because I promise you, you role play for 30 days in a row with different roleplay partners or even with the same roleplay partner, you're not going to be afraid of role playing anymore.

You're afraid of prospecting, afraid of lead follow-up? Do it 30 days in a row every day, and you'll stop being afraid of it. Call Expireds every single day. I'm not saying you'll start loving it necessarily, but you'll not be afraid of it anymore. Why? Because you realize there's nothing they can do to hurt me. Now, there's going to be other moments where they're going to throw something at you that's going to make you uncomfortable; it's going to make you afraid. Maybe an objection. It may be some threat of turning you in or whatever, and say, "Oh, okay, well, that just happened. I'm afraid of it. Well, what if that happens?" Well, face your fear. Do the thing you're afraid of. Do it over and over again.

There was a book written years ago by David Schwartz, it was called The Magic of Thinking Big, and he said, "Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain." Do the thing that you fear, and the death of fear is certain. Your fear has to die. Your fear cannot survive in the face of action. It cannot do it. Your fear only thrives and survives in the face of inaction, because in inaction, your fear is nothing more than a story. It's a story of, "Oh, no, what if this happens?" Well, it hasn't happened. What happened before doesn't mean it's going to happen again. "Well, I heard it happen to that person." It doesn't mean it's going to happen to you.

See, it's all a story. It's all a story of something that has not happened. You're not afraid of something that happened to that person last month. "Well, I heard it happened to her." Well, you're not afraid of what happened to her. It already happened. "What happened to me before?" Well, you're not afraid of what happened to you before. It already happened. But because of what happened, you have this memory, and you bring it into the present and the future, so you believe in the story that it will happen again. What's the absolute worst-case scenario if it happens? You can live with that, I promise you. "Oh, they're going to yell at me." Okay, good. So how'd that hurt? Somebody you've never seen before, never going to see again, yelled at you. Who gives a fuck?

And this bothered me on YouTube. It still bothers me. And I have to look at it and go, "Okay, why am I afraid of this?" Somebody makes a nasty comment. I'm like, "Oh, I hate that." So it makes me feel like I'm afraid of getting nasty comments. Really? From somebody that I've never heard of, never heard of me before, probably never going to see again, certainly not adding any value to my life, and I'm certainly not going to add any value to their life. Why am I worried about the fact that they don't want to dance with me? That they're going to hate on me? They can go fuck themselves. You got dreams to fulfill. You've got goals to accomplish. You've got things to do. You have people for whom you're responsible, so be responsible. Go do the fucking work. Face your fear. Take action and face your fear. Do the thing you're afraid of, and the death of fear is certain. 3, 2, 1. Off you go.

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