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Kevin Ward, One of America’s Top Real Estate Agents and Trainers Shares His Tested and Proven Sales Scripts From Nearly Two Decades Of Experience

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WOW! This is the Best Coaching I have ever seen.


“Kevin, You’re the very best Real Estate Coach/Teacher I’ve met in all my 25 years of selling real estate. I’ve used 5 of the top biggest name coaching companies in Real Estate and you have put it all together to become the best of the best!!!!! You’re the very best!!!  Thanks…”
– Larry Agena, Keller Williams Realty, Los Angeles, CA

My business is up 557% over last year I want to give a lot of the credit to you and to your coaching and the systems you help me put in place! BOOM!!!!
Philip Triem, Keller Williams Portland Central, Portland, OR
My takeaways from your weekly coaching is invaluable to my success, both career wise and personally.
Tara Chatterson, REMAX Solid Gold Realty, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
OMG, KEVIN!!! I am literally blown away every time I listen to your calls or videos!!  You got exactly what I needed all these years to make me feel more confident.
Olga Antoncik, Glozal Realty Brickell, Miami Beach, FL

“I have learned so much with Kevin through his training online and at his training camp.  He has really taught me to think outside the box and really change my mindset.  He goes beyond conventional training methods and really gets IN-DEPTH on becoming a great listing agent!  Thanks to Kevin and his training, I have sold and closed 5 transactions, have another listing in escrow, and have 2 remaining active listings all in only 3 months!  I am brand new to the business and I feel like I am miles ahead of my competition!


Bryan Casella, Century 21, Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, CA
I went in to an appointment today fully prepared.  All credits to you, because I felt so confident and helpful.  I got the listing…$2.5 Million!  Before I got involved with your program, I was at a cross road of either quitting altogether or applying for an assistant job at another company.  I was totally overwhelmed and mad at myself for not being able to produce with better results.   Then I joined your video program.  It totally cleared my mind, and regained my confidence.  I wished I had known you sooner, I wasted months joining so many other programs, but didn’t get anywhere.  too much theory and hypothetical stuffs, nobody showed me what I need to do. Your program is God sent. Thank you!

Jinnie Chao, Keller Williams Peninsula Estates, Hillsborough, CA

Thank you so much! I have learned so much from you in just a few days.  Your approach is highly calculated and has gotten me results.  2 listing appointments in two days from my FSBO calls.  WooHoo! Thanks Kevin!

Bradlee France, Taylor Group Realty, West Linn, OR
As a real estate coach and trainer, Kevin’s knowledge, enthusiasm and mindset of contribution is unmatched
Aaron Kaufman, Career Coach, Keller Williams Realty, Atlanta, GA
Your videos are awesome.  I’ve been in the business 14 years and you’ve re-awakened my excitement in being a Realtor.  I haven’t felt like this since I was a newbie and had nothing but my personal will and desire to be a dominating agent.
James Vitale, Welcome Home NY Realty, Inc., New York
Thank You very much for creating such a great program and helped so many agents be successful. This program has change my Life and the way i feel about Listing presentation and Lead Generation. You are amazing my friend and i really hope i can meet you in person one of these days.  ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU !! …you really ROCK !!!!
Cesar Rivas, New Century Realty, Anaheim, CA
You were a big factor in my rise to becoming #5 out of 350 agents in my market place in just 3.5 years.  I used to spend hours watching your listing videos and practicing your scripts.  I’ve since become a listing machine and the rest is history.  I love what you are doing…. you offer some of the most practical stuff I’ve ever come across and I’m walking proof that if applied will produce MASSIVE RESULTS!
Adam Stark, Gordon Real Estate, Jefferson City, MO
You are a great gift in my life.  I am very lucky to be in your coaching program and learning so much from you. Your daily motivational messages are very helpful to start the day strong.  THANK YOU!
Dulce Vera, Pulse Realty, Las Vegas, NV
You’ve had a huge impact on my business and on my life.…one of the best coaches ever.
Pablo Cela, Epic Properties Group, Danville, CA
Thank you so much for giving me the tools to change my business and my life.  You are awesome!
Dorinda Lugo, Keller Williams SouthBay, Torrance, CA
Thanks for being such an inspiration to my next phase in my business. The one thing I did love about calling the expired listings and after the elevator intro..and following your script. The people actually want to speak with me. I love it.
David Pannell, Cities Real Estate Services, Fort Worth, TX
Thank you Kevin for your commitment and great work! It is not only about learning the real estate business aspects; it is about personal growing and life change. You have helped me to become confident, knowledgeable and a better understanding person. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.
Patty Farnham, Keller Willimas Realty, Los Angeles, CA

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