How to Win with Zillow’s “Make Me Move” Owners

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Zillow’s “Make Me Move” owners are a great source for future business to get more listings.  They are most likely not going to be immediate business for you (although they can be occasionally).  How do you convert them into salable listings either immediate or in the future?

Here are the three keys steps:

  1. Talk to them. Start the conversation so you can know how motivated they are.  If they are really ready to sell now, set an appointment and go take the listing and sell it.  If not…
  2. Connect with them by exchanging information. Don’t try to convince unmotivated people to meet for a listing presentation.  That will only create  resistance and keep them from meeting with you when they are motivated.  Think about what they want, not what you want.
  3. Stay in touch with them. This allows you to build a relationship and become their go-to agent without an competition from other agents.

Watch the video for exactly what to say to do th


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