Where were you when my house was on the market?

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What do you say when you’re prospecting expired listings and they say to you, “Well, where were you when my house was on the market?” It’s a common objection, because sellers know it works. It was one of the toughest objections for me to ever get past, and I finally realized that Objections stump us for a couple of reasons:

  1. Because we’re not prepared.
  2. Because we treat the sellers objection as legitimate…  “Oh no!  He’s right.  I wasn’t there…so I’m a loser.”  NO!

So today, I’m going to share with you what I figured out AND how to overcome this objection once and for all.

REALITY: You weren’t there because you didn’t have a buyer for his house.  That’s the truth…but If you just say the naked truth…you’re out.

That’s where a skilled, no-BS approach comes in.

What NOT to say:

“Because you didn’t hire me to bring a buyer?”
“Your agent didn’t even tell me about your house.”  (BS)

“Where were you when my house was on the market?”

  1. That’s a great question…and I hear where you’re coming from…
  2. The short answer is because your house wasn’t a match for any of my buyers I was working with at the time….  However…can I let you know something else?  (Yes.)
  3. The reason I didn’t have a buyer match for your home is because…unfortunately…my focus wasn’t specifically on your property.  And I say unfortunately…because…it sounds like you are really interested in getting your property sold, correct? (Yes.) Excellent.
  4. If you knew you could get the property sold for top dollar in the next 30 days or so, would that be a win for you?  (Yes.)  Awesome!
  5. And if I could help you make that happen, that would be OK with you, yes?  (Yes!)
  6. Perfect, when would be a good time for us to get together…

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