What Competition Did For My Business

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I had just set a listing appointment with a FSBO.  I was a new agent, and the sellers told me they were also interviewing another agent from my office, Cindie Stewart.

I made the mistake of telling Cindie we were both meeting with the same FSBO.  Without any pause, Cindy looked right at me and said, “I’m gonna kick your ass.”

And…she did.

I knew I had to get better.  Here are the three things I did:

  1. Upgraded my Mindset. (Confidence)
  2. Upgraded my Skillset. (Competence)
  3. Kept moving my Asset. (Consistency)

Beating Cindie was not what mattered.  What mattered was not beating myself.

Commit to winning….to becoming unbeatable…and you will be.


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