Video Marketing for Realtors: Why and How to Start

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Video is not just the future of real estate marketing. It is here NOW. The trends indicate that within the next 3 years, watching video will be over 85% of the average person’s time spent on the internet.

That means video is a an asset you cannot afford to ignore, not just as a marketing tool, but also as a communication tool.

Here are the two most common excuses I hear from realtors for why they don’t use video (and the answer):
#1) “I’m not tech savvy.”
The good thing is that with your smartphone and watching a few YouTube videos, anyone can learn to create great quality videos quickly and easily. You just have to get started.
#2) “I don’t like the way I look on video.”
This is a simple variation of “I don’t feel comfortable on video.” The reality is you look and sound exactly the same on video as you do in real life. So for everyone else (except you), they already know what you look and sound like, and they have accepted you anyway.
The solution is simply to get over the discomfort by starting. The sooner the better.


I want to talk to you about videos today, because video is the future. It is also the present. If you want to be powerful as a real estate agent in marketing yourself, in marketing your listings and everything to the public, to the world, video is where it is at. They say that as time goes on in the next two to three years, that 80% plus of all internet traffic, all time spent on the internet, will be watching videos.

If you are serious about being a major player in the industry, and being in real estate, and maximizing your presence and your relationship with people, video is where you need to be. I’m gonna say that with the assumption you understand that you’ve found me because of video, right? Most of you watching this found me because, I understood this years ago, that video was gonna be an up and coming thing. Even before our smartphones had great video cameras, I bought a flip camera to start doing video, because I’m like, “YouTube, I think this is gonna go somewhere.” Not just YouTube, but just video in general. In social media, in your marketing, video is absolutely powerful.

I wanna address in this video the two most common excuses that I hear from real estate agents of why they don’t want to do video, or they don’t like to do video. They’re like, “No, no, please don’t make me do video.” You have to do video. Video is as important to you connecting with people as, I don’t know, as email was 10 years ago. You just gotta do it, all right? Here’s the two excuses I hear. One, I’m not tech savvy. There was a time when being tech savvy probably mattered. But now, it is very, very simple to be really, really good on video. I’m gonna give you two quick steps to do that. Number one, use your smartphone. You’ve got the best video camera you’re gonna ever need right here. Unless you go massively serious on video, your smartphone will give you all the technology that you need as a camera.

The only thing I recommend that you add to this, is that you add a plug in microphone. Just a little lavalier mic that you can plug in. You can buy it on Amazon. Rode, R-O-D-E, is probably the best quality one that’s great for this. It’s not the cheapest, for sure, but getting a good microphone, you can get on that’s got a long enough cable, or you can get one with an extension, so that you can set the video, you can set it up, your camera, you may set it up on a tripod, and so forth. But start, just start, with the video camera. You got it. And then uploading it, to whether it’s just social media or YouTube, it’s a piece of cake to figure it out. Even a five-year old could probably figure it out, and I know you can figure it out too.

I’m not tech savvy is not an excuse, it’s simply something you have to do, you have to learn how to do it. Number two, and this is my favorite one, my favorite excuse for not doing video is, “I don’t like the way I look on video. I look horrible on video. I just don’t, I shot video of myself, I looked at it, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s horrible. I don’t want anybody to see this.'” I’m gonna tell you something that, if that’s one of your excuses, you’re not gonna like this. The way you look on video is exactly the way you look in real life. Everybody else already knows how you look, except you. You’re the only one that’s in denial and thinking that you look different on video than you look in real life. You look exactly the same. It’s you, they already have accepted you, they have already liked you, they already, if they’re watching your video, if they’ve ever met you and watched you, they already know what you look like, and they know what you look like on video. So stop deceiving yourself and telling yourself you look worse on video than you do in real life.

The beauty of video is, it doesn’t capture the funny looks. You know, people are like, “Well, I’m not photogenic.” The thing I always hated about pictures, is a still shot can get you in that moment where your face is like, contorted, and you’re not looking like yourself. Right? But a video catches you in motion, so it catches the real you. It catches your facial expressions. It catches your non-verbal communication. It catches all that. When you have the little moment that if you took a snapshot of, it would look weird, it’s just part of your body movement, and natural. So video is actually more forgiving than a photograph, than a still shot is.

Whatever your excuses are for not doing video, I’m just gonna give you a real simple solution. Get over it, and get shooting video. Shoot video until you’re comfortable with it. Get on YouTube. Get it right here on YouTube, and you can see how to shoot great videos with a smartphone. There’s so much out there that can help you to get good, to do it. But the key is, start doing it today. If you’re up for this, give this video a thumbs up, comment. I’d like to hear if you have any questions, comments, challenges. Go shoot a video. I look forward to seeing your video on YouTube.



The 3 Magic Words to Get More Listing Appointments

This approach works in almost any situation with any type of lead whether it’s a Seller or a Buyer. It is especially powerful at breaking through the initial resistance with FSBO’s and EXPIRED LISTINGS.

Your information will not be shared with any third party

The 3 Magic Words to Get More Listing Appointments

This approach works in almost any situation with any type of lead whether it’s a Seller or a Buyer. It is especially powerful at breaking through the initial resistance with FSBO’s and EXPIRED LISTINGS.

Your information will not be shared with any third party