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You probably work too much…which increase stress, anxiety, mistakes, and increases your chances of burnout.  But we get so busy that we find it increasingly difficult to take time off.  How do you take a day off and actually use it as a time to recharge your batteries, renew and refresh yourself so you can go back to work more productive and fulfilled.

Here are the 3 steps for how to take a fabulous day off:

  1. Clock out. That means actually stop working and disengage mentally and emotionally from your work.
  2. Delegate out. Find someone else to cover for you, so that you and your clients know everything is covered.
  3. Get out. Don’t sit at home cleaning house or watching TV. Get out of the house and do something memorable.

When you do that, your day off will actually allow you to recharge your mental and emotional batteries and renew your energy.   And you will be more productive when you go back to work.  Take a day off.  You deserve it.


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