Stupid Realtor Strategies – “We Have Full Price Offer”

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One of the worst things that can happen to a seller is to get stuck with a lazy real estate agent.  A great listing agent always thinks about how to help the seller get the best offers and the most money for their house.  

Here are two stupid mistakes the listing agent made on a property we were looking at:

1. Making it hard to show the property.

“Agent present to show,” makes seeing the house a pain in the neck for buyers. The harder it is to show, the less likely a buyer will want to look at it. 

2. Announcing “We already have a full price offer.”  

This basically talks other interested buyers out of making an offer which would create a multiple offer situation which is always better for your seller.  Your job is not to get the job done fast. Your job is getting the seller the best offer on the property. Instead, say, “We have an offer, but the sellers are open to a better one…”

That’s how to help your sellers win, and that’s how YOU win!  Don’t be one of those lazy real estate agents who couldn’t care less about their clients.  


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