Shocking Truth: How to Get More Listings Signed

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The #1 reason agents don’t get listings is because they have the WRONG GOAL.

What is the goal of a listing presentation?  The typical answer is “to get a listing.”  The problem is that motivation is totally self-serving, which causes the seller to automatically resist you.

What if you shifted the motivation and made your primary goal: to lead a seller to a decision that is in their best interest.  Suddenly your focus is not on what you want, but on what they want.

As Simon Sinek taught us, “people don’t buy what you do.  They buy WHY you do it.”  Your motivation of their needs over your needs completely changes the vibe they get from you and will eliminate any resistance they have.

It works when you follow these 3 steps:

  1. Prequalify them,
  2. Be the best agent to help them get the best result.  Seriously.  Master how to sell every listing for top dollar.  Are you the best agent?  If not…why should they list an inferior agent?
  3. Be more interested in them and what they want, than getting the listing. People can tell the difference.

Win the client.  Win the listing.  Get the relationship and you will get the business, because you made it about them and not about you.


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