Realtor Script for Someone You Haven’t Talked to in a Long Time

been a long timeAlmost every real estate agent has dealt with the dilemma:  What do I say to a past client or acquaintance in my sphere of influence, that I have not talked to in too long?  How do you renew that relationship?  More importantly…how can you begin to position yourself as their go-to agent?  I know you’ve got them…people you know that you haven’t talked to in a while, right?  There is a right way.  And…there are wrong ways.   

In this video, you will hear one of what I call “Stupid Realtor Scripts” that basically says, “…I am terribly embarrassed…” because you haven’t called them in so long.  

OK…so you feel guilty and you’re calling to apologize.  Let me get this straight…you’re going to confess unprofessional conduct….And then you’re going to ask for business?  Seriously?  Here is why this type of approach is bad:

1. It confuses them.  Unless you told them you were going to do something and didn’t do it, they do not feel that you owe them an apology.  So when you tell them that you’re embarrassed…they don’t understand your embarrassment or your apology.  Most likely they have not had any expectation that you should be calling them, so an apology feels weird from their perspective.

2. Personal Guilt is a horrible business approach.  And it does nothing to attract people or business to you.  Look, if you are wanting to reconnect with someone and begin to position yourself as their agent, your embarrassment makes you look more like a failure and a loser, than a competent professional.

3. It’s a self-centered approach.  When you start a conversation with personal embarrassment, you are speaking from your perspective, not theirs.  It doesn’t make them feel special that your embarrassed.  It makes is sound like you’re more interested in how you look, than you are in them.

Here is a much better approach.  Call them and be excited to talk to them!  And use an approach like this:

“I was just thinking about you…in fact I’ve been meaning to call you…and I decided…today…I was just going to pick up the phone and actually call you…so how are things going?”  They will be much more excited to hear that you’ve  been thinking about them, than to hear that you feel guilty for not calling them.  Now, you actually can have a conversation as a professional who is re-connecting because you were thinking about them.  And then after a minute or so of “small talk,” you simply let them know, that you wanted to re-connect and see if there is anything you can do for them.  You may not even want to “solicit” business from them on this first conversation…just reconnect.  

Now, you can stay connected with them in the future and begin to position yourself as their go-to agent and create “top-of-mind-awareness” with them by having a  Personal Circle System in place that you consistently follow.  This is what I call building your “Real Estate Vortex.”  In other words, building a network of relationships with people who will become a powerful “word-of-mouth” marketing team that will attract ongoing business to you over and over again.

Please share your comments, and feel free to share this with other agents if you think it my help them reconnect better with people they know!