Oct 16-18, 2017  Los Angeles, CA


If you could add 50 to 100+ deals a year to your business in the next 24-36 months with more days off and highly profitable…would that change your life? That’s what agents are doing with this revolutionary framework and simple systems that bring you a constant flow of business with the Real Estate Vortex®.

Hear what these agents are saying after attending The Real Estate Vortex Training Camp with Kevin Ward. To register for Kevin's LIVE event, you must be an alumni of The Real Estate Vortex Online Training Course. This is a 6-Week online course which gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to over 30 hours of Kevin's revolutionary training on how to build a profitable 7-Figure business that constantly attracts business to you and a lifestyle that you will love.

The online course allows you to start adding deals to your business NOW, without have to wait for the live event. Once you register for the online course you will receive two (2) Bonus Tuition Waivers to the 3-day Training Camp with Kevin.



 Kevin initially built his business by chasing FSBO’s and Expired Listings and became a master at it. “But it also came with a price,” Kevin says. “I went from being a nice guy to being a scalp hunter…just chasing the next listing. If you weren’t ready to sell your house today, I didn’t want to talk to you.” Mostly by accident, Kevin realized there was a ton of “easy” business he was missing from building relationships.

One day Kevin discovered that one single client had been worth over $100,000 in only 3 years, including 4 listings and 3 buyers sales without having to compete with another single agent…all because of one prospecting contact that turned into a client relationship. “That’s when I had the epiphany that a ‘Client’s Lifetime Value’ (CLV) was worth more than weeks and weeks of cold-calling, and a lot less painful!” That’s how Kevin discovered the revolutionary “Real Estate Vortex.”


Do you ever feel like you spend all your time CHASING BUSINESS? How would you like to never wonder where your next deal is coming from? I spent way too many years making my real estate business way too hard... constantly stressed out chasing my next deal..."starting over at ZERO every day"...because that's what I was taught.

Then I discovered the SECRET SUPER-POWER of this simple, revolutionary system that can make your number of listings and sales skyrocket.

The Real Estate Vortex® is a A dynamic business approach that leverages relationships and connections through the consistent application of simple strategies and systems so that business is constantly attracted to you for the long term.

The Vortex maximizes referral business opportunities, without limiting you to “referrals only.” This is the ultimate step-by-step, No-BS, fast-track system for realistically and profitable doing hundreds of deals a year while having the lifestyle you deserve…without expensive, unpredictable marketing and without the constant rejection of cold-calling or competition from other agents.

What Others Are Saying

Here’s a brief video of agents speaking about Real Estate Vortex Training Camp in the hallways! These videos are agents sharing their experience totally voluntarily. No one in this video was compensated or coached. Results not necessarily typical. By law we do not and can not guarantee your experience or results will be the same. Obviously, your results in life and business are up to you. What we DO guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of Kevin's training. If you are not, for any reason, 100% satisfied, then just ask for your money back and we’ll give you a hassle-free full refund.

"When you Master Leveraging relationships and systems and delivering the best results every time you will never again have to wonder where your next check is coming from."

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