Why Most Real Estate Scripts Don’t Work (Really Suck)

Why Real Estate Scripts Don’t Work (and Most Suck!)

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I just got dogged on FaceBook about one of my scripts.  And, yes, I took it personally.  The script he was dogging has made me over a million dollars, and is not being used by agents all over the country successfully making them a lot of money today.

However, his attack on one of my scripts also reflects some of the common misconceptions about scripts that many Realtors often have.

The script is not near as critical as the skill of the one using it.  And even the best script with the best delivery, is not going to get you the result you want every time.  Just like a shot on goal in soccer, even the best miss more goals than they make.

Here are 3 Reasons most scripts don't work:

  1. If the script is B.S.
  2. If it is delivered by an amateur where it sounds like a script or the agent is scared.
  3. If the motive is pure selfishness. When an agent is strictly in it for themselves, people can feel that vibe and they will resist.

People are sick and tired of traditional sales closes and scripts, but when they believe that you care about them and you are great at what you do, people will follow you.

The keys to making a great script work is #1) mastering skill, #2) sincerity, and #3) tenacity.


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