Overcoming Insurmountable Odds – 300 Spartans at Battle of Thermopylae

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After growing up being bullied, the Battle of Thermopylae has become a great inspiration to me.  King Xerxes was a bully, and the courage of the 300 Warriors of Sparta under King Leonidas to stand up against the entire Persian army of Xerxes is remarkable.  They were out-numbered by over 100 to 1.  They had marched hundreds of miles with virtually no chance of victory.  And even though they eventually were defeated after days of fighting, their bravery and sacrifice united all of Greece to stand up to the King Xerxes’ army and stop the invasion in the months that followed.

How can we stand up to adversity when the odds seem almost overwhelming?  Sparta had three key elements that allowed them to stop an immensely larger and more powerful enemy:

  1. Courage that came from having a cause worth fighting for…their own freedom.
  2. Skill that came from intense training and preparation for years.
  3. Strategic advantage that came from planning, knowing and using the terrain.

When you realize that you and your dreams are worth fighting for, and when you’re willing to prepare and train yourself, and when you pay attention to and use the terrain around you to your advantage, you can overcoming almost any odds.


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