What is the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge?

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A lot of real estate ask what the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is and what’s it all about.  The Challenge is about rapidly and dramatically changing your business and your life.  It is not an education program.  It is a transformational journey to mastery.  The transformation happens by focusing on two elements:

#1) Implementation.  It’s about action, not just information.

#2) Acceleration.  We focus on doing more in less time to accelerate the growth curve and your results.

We focus on mastery in 5 key areas:

  1. Mindset.
  2. Strategies.
  3. Skills.
  4. Systems.
  5. Support.

The Challenge is not for average agents or part-time agents.  It is for full-time agents committed to being the best and who are willing to invest in themselves and their success to get there faster.


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