Is Niche Marketing Right for You?

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You have probably heard the saying many times in real estate, “the Riches are in the Niches.”

There are countless different niche marketing strategies used by real estate agents, and almost any of them can be profitable and make you very successful.  However, in this video, I challenge the longstanding belief that you have to choose a niche in order to be massively successful.

Niche marketing was a concept created in the 1920’s by companies to deal with marketing costs when every marketing impression on a customer or prospect had a tangible cost in dollars or “man-hours.”

Having a niche can be great.  However it can also be very limiting. If you’re going to pick a niche, you have to consider what opportunities you are also cutting off.

Bottom line, here is my favorite niche: motivated sellers.  And the opportunities are unlimited when you master inspiring them to hire you and delivering great results.


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