How to Stop Wasting Your Time with Buyers

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It’s very easy for new and seasoned agents to fall into the trap of wasting time with buyers because buyer leads are easier to get.

Buyers are easy to get but harder to win and get to closing.

Why do you want to stop working with buyers?

Buyers don’t give you leverage. On the other hand, when you have a listing, you have inventory. Buyers come to you because you have what they want.

Buyers take more time than a motivated seller. They control your time. They’re available only on weekends, evenings

Buyers are more likely to break your heart. They’ll go look at houses with you, and then end up with another agent.

More and more buyers search online and go straight to the listing agent.

How do you master getting listings and working with sellers?

Develop skills, systems, and strategies on how to find motivated sellers, inspire them to hire you, and sell their house for top dollar.

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