How to Role Play Scripts Like A Pro

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If you haven't seen the first video in this series..."How to Start Role Playing Scripts", click on this link to watch it first.

The secret to getting good fast is effective roleplay. You must practice it correctly for it to work.

Here are the 5 steps to roleplaying like a pro:

  1. Play with players only. The more experienced players you practice with, the better you’ll get. Only practice with those who are actually making money getting appointments. They already know what real sellers will say, and how to handle objections.
  2. No small talk. When roleplaying w/ another agent, jump straight into the script. You’re there to practice not to chat
  3. Practice as if it’s real. You create muscle memory with the words and tonality. As you practice, your subconscious starts feeling more comfortable with it.
  4. Stand up. You have more energy standing up. This makes people more interested in talking to you.
  5. Always get the desired outcome. (Don’t practice failing).

If you roleplay consistently, you can always expect YES!

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