How to Handle a Listing Appointment NO-SHOW

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This is the worst.  You set a listing appointment.  Do all your homework…CMA, pre-listing package, get ready, and drive all the way to their house…and then you get stood up.  Grrrrr….  There is nothing more frustrating, right?  Well, almost nothing.

The question is, what do you do about it to salvage the appointment AND to prevent being no-showed again?

First, do not get frustrated.  That will only create negative energy between you and the Seller.  Stay calm.  Be kind.

Second, treat it as no problem and simply reschedule.

Third, let them know you are putting it in your calendar and make sure they are putting it in their schedule as well, so this issue does not happen again.  You can offer to send them a text message reminder or a calendar invite by email.

The bottom line is to be professional and kindly communicate your expectation that they treat you like a professional.  It is mutually respectful for you and for them.

Watch the video for more details and how to handle the repeat offender who stands you up more than once.


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