How to Get Out of Debt Forever

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If you want to stop being broke, the first step is to get out of debt- and stay out of it.

Realize that you have an income problem, not a debt problem. Your income is not enough for your needs and wants

Here’s the 4-step process to eliminate debt forever:

  1. Own your debt and forget about it. Accept responsibility for it. If you don’t, you’ll always feel powerless to beat it. If you own the problem, you own the ability to find a solution.
  2. Master making lots of money. Learn to earn. Get around people making lots of money and do what they did. Focus on the goal of massive income, not on the hole of debt.
  3. Master having money. Stop believing that it’s the root of all evil. Create an abundance mentality. Reprogram your mind to think that it’s good to have lots of money.
  4. Master multiplying money. Once you master creating wealth, you no longer have to go into debt to get what I want.

When you focus on having money, you’ll have money. So, how do you do that?

Update your financial statement monthly to find out how much you’re worth (Get your FREE Financial Statement Template HERE). Focus on your net worth- these are your assets minus liabilities. As assets grow, liabilities go.

You got this!

What steps have you taken to create wealth? Share them in the comments section below.


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