How to Get $100,000 Clients

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We all love big commission checks, right?  And most agents are always looking for how to make more money and earn bigger commissions in luxury real estate and big deals, etc.  All of that is awesome.  However, the biggest commission opportunities for most of us are not in the “BIG DEALS” but rather in building relationships and earning repeat and referral business by focusing on the Client’s Lifetime Value.

I discovered this accidentally one day when I suddenly realized that one couple had been worth more than $100,000 in a three year period.  Here are 3 simple steps to more $100,000 Clients:

  1. Go after clients, not deals.
  2. Deliver great results.
  3. Stay in touch.

The key is to stop just going after the transaction or listing or deal, and start going after the CLIENT.  Win the client and you’ll automatically get tons of deals if you stay in touch with them consistently.


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