How to Break Bad Habits Forever

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Have any bad habits you would like to break? It’s not just the habit itself that is a problem. It’s that bad habits make us hate ourselves. They can make us feel guilty or defeated or powerless. It’s time to take them out…but HOW?
Here are the five steps that will finally allow you to break those bad habits forever?

  1. COMMIT to defeat it.
    It has to be a commitment, not just a wish or a “try.”

  2. Declare it THE ENEMY.
    A bad habit is not a weakness. It is an enemy of your success, happiness, self-approval & self-respect. The problem is that it’s an enemy that’s been kicking your butt…because bad habits are tough. How do you beat a tough enemy?

  3. TRAIN yourself to beat the bad habit.
    1. Holly Holm recently defeated Rhonda Rousey, the most dominant woman athlete in the world. How? Because she didn’t underestimate what it would take to beat her. And she trained and prepared like crazy. You have to be willing to train your mind by inputting powerful thoughts and ideas in your head through daily declarations and visualization.
    2. Train your actions by simply deciding NOT to give in to the habit. Every time you say “No” you strengthen your will.

  4. RALLY. Don’t let setbacks defeat you. When you say “no” and then later give in. You’re still stronger than you were before. That frustration you feel at yourself is fuel for more action.
    Failures is like taking a punch. It hurts…but if you know it’s coming…you keep your defenses up. And when the old, bad habit sneaks a punch in…OUCH. If it knocks you down, you jump back up.

  5. REPLACE the bad habit with a good habit. Just like people, fill your life with habits that are friends instead of enemies. And every time you beat a bad habit, you get stronger and your life gets better.

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