How to Be More Persuasive Using Embedded Commands

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Do you want to know how to get more listing appointments?  More clients?  More people to say “yes” to you?  Embedded commands are an amazingly powerful and effective influence strategy when used correctly.

An “embedded command is, just like it sounds, a command that is embedded inside of a question…or statement that subconsciously gives an order to the brain to think or do a certain thing.  .

Embedded commands are a tool, like a knife.  A knife can be used to do good or evil. NLP strategies can be used to manipulate for selfish or unethical reasons…which makes you a con-artist (i.e. evil).  Or they can be used to help someone make a good decision, which makes you a more effective leader and problem-solver for someone who can benefit from your help (i.e. good).

In this video, Kevin explains how to use embedded commands effectively:

  1. Be inviting.  Not insisting.  
    You don’t want to come across as threatening.  Pressuring…pushing causes resistance. Be powerful, not forceful. Use an inviting, suggestive tone to create pull (attraction) rather than push (resistance), so they’re giving in to something the want to do…not giving into something they don’t want to do.
    The goal is to lower resistance. Be attractive, not abrasive.  Be inviting, not intimidating.  Inspiring, not insisting.
  2. Be confident.  Not desperate.  
    Don’t sound like your begging.  Use a downswing, don’t upswing.
    Be the magnet, not the jackhammer…and make it easy for them to say “yes” to you.

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