How I Got Started in Real Estate

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I was the last person you’d think would succeed in real estate.

The only sales training I had was working as head cashier at Burger King. I didn’t have money, resources, or connections.

I became what people expected me to be...a small-town preacher.

But I had a big dream to change the world and make an impact on people’s lives beyond church ministry.

Then, I realized that real estate can help me achieve my goal.

I took real estate classes while I was still doing church ministry. When I got my license, I moved into the big city and started real estate...full time!

Three months into the business, I finally got my first listing. After all deductions, I ended up with $350 on my first closing. It was tough because I had no savings and was living on credit cards.

The key thing was, I never imagined failing. I was 100% committed to succeeding. I ended the first year with 19 transactions (mostly listings) under my belt. I felt so powerful when I got my first 6-figure listing!

These are the things I did right:
Went in full time.
Immersed myself in real estate
Prospected every day
Got training

If you’re new or thinking about getting into real estate, you can do this! If you got a good attitude, work ethic, and you’re willing to learn from the best, you can succeed.

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