Getting Out of the F-State and Into Personal Power

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What do you do when you get into an “F-State?”  F-States are negative emotional states such as fear or frustration or freaking out or feeling frantic.  All of these are un-resourceful emotional states that hinder and stop people.  Learn how to snap out of your "F-State" and to shift into a state that empowers you and makes you powerful and effective.

It's like a changing a radio station…a radio frequency. If the radio frequency you're listening to is not powerful, it may be staticky or it may be bad music or a boring talk show or something. It's just absolutely driving you crazy. What do you do with your radio? You change the station. You change the frequency to one that is powerful for you, one that is empowering or satisfying or gratifying or whatever it is that you actually can enjoy listening to.

Here are the three steps to get out of the “F-State”

  1. Decide to get out of the “F-State.”
  2. Focus on Your Next Step Only.
  3. Take Immediate Action.

The decision, focus, and the action will almost instantly dissolve the negative, paralyzing state and put you into the motion and emotion that will allow you to accomplish more.


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