Get More Listings by Learning How to Smile

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This is what we know for a fact: people like you more when you smile.  Do you ever wonder what your face really looks like when you’re talking to people?  When you create the habit of smiling more, you will get more “Yes’s” from people and you will get more listings.  How can I say that?  Here’s why.

In order for Seller’s to hire you to sell their home, they want to feel three things:
1. They want to feel like they KNOW you.
2. They need to LIKE you.  (That’s where the smile really comes in.)
3. They need to TRUST you.

 Here is the power of having a great smile.  A smile communicates happiness, which in a listing presentation says, “I enjoy what I’m doing.  I like selling houses.  I am excited about helping you and getting your home sold.”  Think about it.  Those are huge statements!  And they are all communicated by a genuine smile. When they believe that you are excited about helping them, they not only like you better, they actually trust you more…because they believe that you’re really interested in what they want (which you should be).

In this over the edge video, I give you a simple process for developing a great smile.  Learning to smile is simply developing a habit of smiling (with genuine happiness attached!)

Here is the 5 Simple Steps for Creating a Genuine Smile:

1. Decide to smile more. This really only works if you know that it matters and actually want to smile more. It’s hard to be happy against your will.

2. Practice it.  Just like any habit, consistent practice doing something right will make you better at it.

3. Humor yourself.  Learn to make yourself laugh and smile at will.  At first this may take a little work.  Think of a time when you saw or read or heard something that made you literally fall on the floor laughing…or a time when something was so funny you laughed until your sides hurt.  With practice you can learn to humor yourself at will…instantly.   (I learned this little secret of humoring myself when I would have pictures taken of me!)  This will eliminate the fake “pasty”-looking smile…which is horrible and will actually repel people.  The more you practice it, the better you’ll get.

4. Open your mouth slightly when listening to others.  Sounds weird, I know…but it works.  Think of what happens when you hear something fascinating.  We even have a saying for it: “jaw-dropping.”  When you are totally into something being said, your jaw drops.  Now, don’t go overboard here, you just want to look interested, not shocked.  But the point is that when your mouth is open and your body language is congruent (such as a slight head nod and you shoulders and feet facing the person talking), it suggests that you are interested.

5. Hang a Mirror in front of where you prospect and role play.  This is pretty obvious…because it lets you see what they are seeing when you’re talking to other people.  A mirror gives you instant feedback and also creates for you that ready accountability by telling you the truth about how your face is hanging.

Create the smile habit and watch how your life changes!  It will not only change the way you feel inside, it will also change the way others feel toward you and act toward you.  They say, “a smile is worth a million bucks.”  It is!  😀

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