Every Day Heroes: Would You Come to The Rescue?

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Last week, I was talking to a friend of mine whose wife had rescued a man from a burning car. While she took action and saved his life, more than 30 other people stood around and did nothing.

I believe the world needs more "every day heroes."  In our lives and in our businesses we have the opportunity to come to the rescue and help people who turn to us. I believe real estate agents should see themselves as everyday heroes.

And if you are committed and know how to serve your clients' best interest, your work as a Realtor is heroic.

There are three questions I think each of us must answer. #1) Can you come to the rescue? In other words, do you have the skill, knowledge, and strength to take action?  #2) Would you come to the rescue? In other words, are you the one who would take action or one of the bystanders who always expect somebody else to do something? #3) Will you commit to be the kind of person that people can count on when they need you?

Whether you are a real estate agent or a school teacher, or a business owner, or a parent, the world needs people like you who see themselves as someone that always come to the rescue.


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