July 24-26, 2017, Washington D.C.

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Double Your Listing Power Online & 3-Day LIVE Training Camp

The Best Real Estate Training Event In The World On How To Dominate Listings In Your Market...Guaranteed!  

To register for Kevin's LIVE event, you must be an alumni of  Double Your Listing Power Online Training 6-Week Mastery Course.  Get INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS to this deep-dive training with over 50 step-by-step video training modules you will receive over 6 weeks.  The course is self-paced with Kevin's best lead generation and listing training, all the training & marketing resources and scripts, so you don't have to wait for the event to start getting more Listings and Sales NOW!  PLUS...get over $3,700 of BONUSES...including two (2) FREE Tuition Waivers to the LIVE 3-Day Training Camp.

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect to learn:

  • 4 Killer Pre-Appointment Strategies to stand out from the competition before you even meet with your prospect.
  • The Automatic Appointment Formula that will get you a warm meeting with almost any seller (even the ones you think are out of your league).
  • Persuasive Language Lessons that show you powerful trigger words that will inspire sellers to hire you without the "hard close".
  • How To Become An Objection Master. Anticipate a sellers objections before they happen and effortlessly handle any objections with confidence so you're never scrambling for what to say when they throw you a curveball.
  • Pricing Strategies that will guide your clients to list at the best possible price. They'll think it was their idea and you'll look like gold for getting them what they want.
  • How to turn every listing into more listings. This exponential growth strategy (that your competition doesn't even know about) is like steroids for your business.
  • And Much, Much MORE...

Meet Kevin Ward, Creator of Double Your Listing POWER...and #1 Bestselling Author of The Book of YES.

When Kevin began selling real estate he had just moved from a small, rural town to a large city with connections or personal circle.  Kevin built his business from scratch focusing on taking lots listings and selling them, delivering the best service to clients, while still having time control and a life.

Kevin believes YOU that the successful agents of the future are the ones focused on delivering the best results for clients. "It's about the client.  It's not about you." His authentic, straightforward, seller-centric approach used by himself and the thousands of agents he has trained has proven that you can inspire people to hire you and deliver the best results without resorting to B.S., expensive marketing gimmicks, or bogus credibility pieces that only cause sellers to distrust agents even more.

July 24-26, 2017, Washington D.C.

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What Others Are Saying

Watch this brief video of agents speaking about Kevin and his Training Camp in the hallways! They are sharing their experience totally voluntarily.  No one in this video was compensated or coached. Results not necessarily typical. By law we do not and can not guarantee your experience or results will be the same. Obviously, your results in life and business are up to you. What we DO guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of Kevin's training. You can try DYLP Online for 30-days NO-RISK.  If you do not agree it is the BEST Listing Training ever, then just ask for your money back and we’ll give you a hassle-free full refund. To register for our live event, you must be an alumni of our DYLP Online Training.  Click the link to register.  Once you register, you will receive a separate email to claim you BONUS Tuition Waivers to the LIVE event.

"No one gets into real estate just to sell a lot of houses...we also got in to have a LIFE. You can get 'Yes' without the B.S....and build a business that gives you the lifestyle of your dreams.  Live into your greatness.  And always expect 'YES.'"
-Kevin Ward

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