Dealing with Parents or Other Influencers In a Real Estate Transaction

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Here is how to you deal with the “3rd Wheel Influencer” in Real Estate Transaction?

  1. Embrace the fact that they have an extra “advisor”
  2. The advisor’s motivation is to help/protect. Appreciate that.
  3. Awesome!
  4. Make them your ally…by acknowledging their “expertise.”
  5. ….and _____ (3rd party) …I’m sure you already know this… “as you know…”
  6. _____, you would agree with that, wouldn’t you?
  7. Find out what’s most important to the advisor.
  8. Ask the 3rd party, “What’s important to you…for us to help _________ get their house sold (or “get into a new home)?"
  9. Make it clear you are on the same team.
  10. “The key is that we all understand that we all are working together toward same goal for _________________, right?”

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