How to Create An Elevator Pitch

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When someone asks, “So…what do you do?”  How do you answer?  “I’m a Realtor/Real Estate Agent” is totally boring and dismissible.  Upgrading your terminology to “consultant” or “professional” is just about as un-original as “Realtor.”

The answer is to have an elevator pitch.  An interesting, compelling “elevator pitch” will capture people’s attention and make them curious to find out more.   Here are 4 keys to creating a powerful elevator pitch:

1. CONCISE:  7 SECONDS (Bullet) + 30 SECONDS (Belief)

2. CATCHY.  You want to be creative, not boring. An elevator pitch is a way to wake up people from their blah day and spark their curiosity so they’re interested to know what you have to offer.


—What do I do?  (10-20 ways to say it) What are different words to describe what I do?  What are the benefits of what I do?  Who needs what I do?  How am I different/better?

—Write a short story of you doing your job and the people you help.

—What do you love about it and why?

Don’t be so creative people aren’t really sure what you really do. It’s not about selling or using fancy words.

Ask them for a “yes.”


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