Convincing Selling vs Conviction Selling

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Almost every real estate agent I’ve ever met wants more business.  Yet a large percentage of agents cringe at the thought of “selling”…of coming across as too sales-y or being pushy…you get the point, right?Convincing comes from the outside…conviction comes from inside of you and is based on a deeply held belief in the value you have to offer.

Convincing is trying to get them to believe something.  Conviction is communicating something you believe.  And when it comes from your heart, it’s always more powerful and believable that what simply comes from your head.

You can memorize and master a script…but what makes is powerful, is the genuine conviction behind the words you speak.

In this interview with my friend and successful entrepreneur, Mel Abraham, he explains that there are basically three ingredients to selling with CONVICTION:

  1. Belief in the value you have to offer.
  2. The ability to communicate that conviction.
  3. Over-deliver with excellent service and value.

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