Pre-Challenge Assignment #1: The First Step to Winning


Congrats for applying for the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge!  Here is your first ASSIGNMENT>>

#1) Watch this short video:


#2) Write down the 2 or 3 biggest things that have stopped you from getting more listings and achieving the success you want in real estate.

Make sure you have these notes with you for your call with Kevin.


NOTE: The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is designed to transform your business and your life.  Therefore, it is for people who have the initiative to take action and follow through.  The first step of that is to fully complete each assignment before the call.  If you have NOT completed ALL of the assignments, your call with Kevin will be EXTREMELY short.

The 3 Magic Words to Get More Listing Appointments

This approach works in almost any situation with any type of lead whether it’s a Seller or a Buyer. It is especially powerful at breaking through the initial resistance with FSBO’s and EXPIRED LISTINGS.

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