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Advanced training, 1-on-1 coaching, and exclusive mastermind events with Kevin Ward. The Inner Circle focuses on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Success in your Business and in your Life including your Finances, Relationships, Health, and Personal Fulfillment.


  • Must have completed the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge OR 
  • 60 days of active participation in Mastery Coaching 
  • Be currently making over $100,000 Annual GCI OR consistently closing 3+ transactions a month.  
  • Complete Inner Circle Application

People are talking!

  • “I’m a wife and mom of two kids. I chose Kevin as my coach because he was very clear that real estate is not your life. Kevin really showed me that to be the best I could be as a working mom and showing my kids that I can reach my goals, which means they can reach whatever goals that they want. My business has grown exponentially every year. When you see everybody else being successful…and when you see others struggling and still being successful anyways…it makes me realize that everyone goes through struggles and that you can still be growing your business… And that’s how we ended up in the Inner Circle and renewing every year.”

    PEGGY YEE Virginia, USA
  • “The way the inner circle has changed my business and life is literally things that I didn’t think were achievable, I know that they are achievable. And having a mentor …who’s setting a standard and living to a level that you want to be at.”

    JACOBE KENDRICK #1 Listing Agent in Region - Weichert Realtors, Midland, TX
  • “I went to my first event with Kevin, and that’s when I made my decision that he was going to be my coach. He was absolutely real, transparent, and everything that he said, I knew that if I listened to it, that my business would be successful. And…seeing the members that were in the inner circle, and the sense of community and family…I knew that was something that I wanted to be a part of. My time at the Mastermind has been absolutely awesome…spending more time with Kevin and Julie, and actually being here at the Masterminds have been great. …being with the other members and seeing how they have taken their businesses to another level, and their families and their friends, and just the other things that they’re doing. The inner circle is not just about your real estate business, it’s about your life and who you want to become as a person. That’s been the greatest thing for me.”

    JERRY WEAVER 3DX Real Estate - Canton, MI

Master Getting More "YES" Without the B.S.

Master Getting More "YES" Without the B.S.

Inner Circle Mastermind Application