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Never Settle

THERE MAY HAVE BEEN TIMES IN YOUR LIFE YOU NEEDED TO SETTLE DOWN...BUT NEVER WHEN YOU NEED TO SETTLE. We've all heard, “Never settle.” And yet we settle almost every day. When is it okay to...

January 31, 2018
Yes Success


Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions in the universe with the power to transform lives and expand blessing.  Here are two action steps that will bring the power of gratitude into your...

November 22, 2017
Yes Success

Do You Need A Coach?

Accountability is absolutely the lowest level of coaching anywhere.  Unfortunately it is the most common type of coaching in real estate, and it’s the way most real estate coaching programs are...

October 5, 2017
Yes Success

The Great Zillow Diversion

Wake up REALTORS! It’s not about ZILLOW! It’s about the people! It’s not about technology. Agent’s often become so obsessed with technology, that we forget that what really matters is the...

September 8, 2017
The best sales close in the world
Yes Success

The Best Sales Close in the World

The best “Sales Close” is no sales close, which is total contrary to traditional sales training. The problem is that the moment you go into your “closing” mode, your prospect immediate goes into...

April 26, 2017
Yes Success

My Greatest Success Secret

People often ask me why I give away so much of my training for free on youtube. It comes from what I believe is the greatest success secret I have ever discovered. Focus on others first, and...

February 16, 2017
Yes Success

What I Learned from Being Bullied

Do you remember the first time you were ever bullied? Do you remember the last time your bullied? My first day of 3rd grade, a bully named Buddy beat me up and broke my new glasses. I had never...

February 2, 2017
Yes Success

Holiday Stress – How to Beat It

The one thing that is most likely to ruin or put a damper on your “happy holidays” is stress. It is the party-pooper of the holiday spirit, but it doesn’t have to be that for you this year....

December 22, 2016
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How to Get $100,000 Clients

The biggest commission opportunities for most of us are not in the “BIG DEALS” but rather in building relationships and earning repeat and referral business by focusing on the Client’s Lifetime Value....

October 4, 2016
Yes Success


You probably work too much…which increase stress, anxiety, mistakes, and increases your chances of burnout. But we get so busy that we find it increasingly difficult to take time off. How do...

May 20, 2016
Yes Success

How to Create An Elevator Pitch

When someone asks, “So…what do you do?” How do you answer? “I’m a Realtor/Real Estate Agent” is totally boring and dismissible. Upgrading your terminology to “consultant” or “professional” is...

May 10, 2016
Yes Success

How to Stage Your Listings

Buyers often spend hours looking at pictures of perfectly staged and decorated dream homes online and so their expectation and idealized mental image of the house they want to buy is the...

April 28, 2016
Yes Success

How to Overcome Failure Fast

Overcoming mistakes and failures quickly is a key to massive success, but it happened again…I failed to be perfect. I made a mistake, which makes about 15,000 days in a row! We know we are never...

April 15, 2016
Yes Success

How to Break Bad Habits Forever

Have any bad habits you would like to break? It’s not just the habit itself that is a problem. It’s that bad habits make us hate ourselves. They can make us feel guilty or defeated or powerless....

December 1, 2015
Yes Success

How to Get More Done Everyday

Would you like to get more done every day? No matter how busy we get, most people feel the frustration of not getting as much done as they would like to get done in a day. We can even found...

November 12, 2015
Yes Success

How to Get More Done in Less Time

It’s not how many things you get done, but getting the right things done that make you feel powerful and make you productive and successful. The things that move the needle in your business....

February 17, 2015
Yes Success

I’m Not in the Mood to Prospect

If you’ve ever not been in the mood to prospect…raise your hand. Who hasn’t been, right? I shot this video in response to an agent client of mine who emailed me that he was “not in the mood to...

August 13, 2014
Yes Success

The Accountability Myth

When was the last time you said, “I need someone to hold me accountable?”. Accountability is one of THE hot-button conversations of real estate agents these days.  In fact, it is one of the top...

July 14, 2014

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Master Getting More "YES" Without the B.S.

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