Realtor Scripts that Get Yes: The Power of Using NLP Frames

SUMMARY Have you ever heard someone one say (or thought to yourself), real estate scripts all sound pretty much the same?” It’s true. And it’s also true that most cars really look pretty much the same too! Right? It’s the differences that matter. It’s the differences that make one new car worth…

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Role Play Audio Replay on Expired Objections

This is a recording of a role play call I did with some of my YesMasters Coaching members this week dealing with some tough expired objections. This is about the No-BS way to overcome objections. Click the Play button below to listen. What objection would you like help with? Share your questions…

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The Script to NEVER Use with FSBOs or Expired Listings

SUMMARY One of the most daunting tasks in real estate prospecting is approaching a FSBO or an Expired listing to set a listing appointment with them. They can be rude, condescending, or even downright nasty. To make matters worse some of the scripts that we’ve been taught to use, actually make…

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The Accountability Myth

SUMMARY When was the last time you said, “I need someone to hold me accountable?”. Accountability is one of THE hot-button conversations of real estate agents these days. In fact, it is one of the top things that Realtors look for in getting a real estate coach. "I need more accountability.”…

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The Power of Visualization: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

SUMMARY I was talking to an agent recently who at one point before the market collapse back in 2008 had created a net worth of tens of millions of dollars...and then lost it all.  He didn't just lose it.  Suddenly he was tens of millions of dollars in the negative! In this video I share the story…

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