How to Adjust Prospecting During A Crisis

Summary Prospecting during this corona crisis can be a scary thought to most agents. Fact is, this is a great time to talk to people because they’re home. Not everyone will be friendly, but that doesn’t matter. Because crisis or no crisis, there will always be people who wouldn’t want to talk to…

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What to Do as A New Agent in A Coronavirus Crisis

Summary Just when you’re getting started in real estate, the pandemic suddenly hits. So, what do you do as a new agent to win through this corona-crisis and beyond? Decide. Are you in to win? Only those who are committed to succeed will make it through this crisis, because your commitment to…

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How to Prepare for Aftermath of the Coronavirus

Summary Nobody knows how this corona crisis ends. But what you can do is expect for the best, prepare for the worst. Because if you’re prepared for whatever happens (no matter how bad things get), you’ll win. Here are 4 ways to prepare for what’s coming: Get lean in your business and in your…

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How to Keep Doing Lead Generation While Everything is on Lock-down

Summary How can you continue generating business when everything is on lockdown? Here are 3 strategies: Talk to your PC. Send them a text to let them know that you care. This way, you increase Top-Of-Mind Awareness. Fill your pipelines and sow the seed for future business. Virtual networking…

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How Agents Can Thrive In Face of Coronavirus

Summary While most real estate agents are in trouble because of the economic downfall, you have a choice and the power to prosper in these trying times. Here are 3 Key Strategies you can implement now to thrive in this crisis: Talk to more people. Focus on motivated sellers & buyers. Care…

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