What’s Next for Realtors…Crisis or Opportunity?

SUMMARY While it’s great that agents are getting financial assistance in this time of crisis, there is a danger to it: It puts you in a victim mindset. Instead of taking ownership of your business and your success, you're waiting for somebody else to help you. Make a decision that what's coming…

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What You Need to Succeed in Real Estate

SUMMARY Here are The Only Two Things You Need to Succeed in Real Estate: 1) CARING Care more about your clients than your commission. I get criticized for teaching scripts… “People see right through that.”  See right through what?  What they see through is Selfishness and Incompetence.  People…

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How to do A Virtual Listing Presentation

SUMMARY First, find a motivated seller, schedule the Listing Presentation, and prequalify the appointment to make sure that they are motivated to move. In the Book of YES (https://yesmasters.com/freebook), you’ll get the best conversations that lead you through the process. Here are 5 keys to…

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The Truth About How to Convert Internet Leads for Realtors

SUMMARY What is the best way to convert the internet leads into actual listings and sales…into real sellers and buyers?  Internet Lead Generation is one of the hottest topics in the real estate industry today and there yet with all the buzz, the average agent is not having a lot of success in…

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Why Now is the Best Time Ever to be A Real Estate Agent

SUMMARY Even with the economy shut down, right now is the best time ever to be a real estate agent because there’s massive opportunity out there. While most agents are panicking, you can capitalize on those opportunities. Where the opportunities are (motivated sellers) The luxury market. Many…

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