Why Most New Realtors Fail

SUMMARY 1. Not willing to work hard enough. From webinar comment: "This sounds more and more difficult than I thought and more work than expected!" 2. Not willing to face fear. Greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. So they give up way to easily. 3. Lack of effective guidance. Try to figure it…

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Why People Tell You “NO”

SUMMARY People tell you "No," because the believe you're just trying to get something from them for your own benefit. Why do they believe that? Because you're thinking about getting something for yourself. That's what's in your mind. That's WHY you're there. You're there to "get" a listing. They…

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Why It’s Important to Make Money

SUMMARY After a 10 year economic boom, 74% of Americans still have less than $5,000 in Savings. And 58% have less than $1,000! That is shocking. This is not because of inequality or lack of opportunity, intelligence, or money. It's because of the way many of us (including me) have been trained to…

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Top 10 Things I Hate About Real Estate

SUMMARY Here are the 10 things I hate about real estate: 1. B.S. 2. The egos. 3. I hate how easy it is to get in...and get out. 4. The Amateurism. 5. Our reputation. 6. How slow we are to adapt. 7. The whining and complaining of agents. 8. Rejection. 9. The boredom of repetition. 10. Lying…

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How to Overcome Chronic Procrastination

SUMMARY You may not like it...but here are the actual 3 steps that will conquer procrastination in your life IMMEDIATELY: 1. Stop trying to find the secret to overcome procrastination. (That is just another form of procrastination.) . 2. Start doing what you're avoiding right now. 3. Celebrate…

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