How to Get Your First Deal Fast as A New Agent

SUMMARY 1st watch "Your First 30 Days..." The fastest way is this: Whoever talks to the most people wins. Ask for business. Here are the three strategies for the fastest results: 1. Contact all your PC and get the word out. 2. Call and Visit every FSBOs & Expireds & convince them to hire…

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Your First 30 Days as A New Real Estate Agent

SUMMARY 1. Commit to be the BEST. -- The quest for Best changes everything. Like a 120%. 2. Train like your life depended on it. -- First 30 days daily: 1 hr scripts > 4 hrs prospecting/Lead FU, 2 hrs on scripts & 2 hrs on Systems/Strategy/Mindset, 1 hr on ofc stuff. 7AM to…

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The Secret to Handling Objections Successfully

SUMMARY The "secret" to handling objections is to understand the difference Between an Objection and a Complaint and a Condition. 1. An objection is a question that you need to answer. 2. An complaint is simply an expression of emotion about something they don't like. 3. An condition is a…

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3 Keys to Getting Listings Priced Right

SUMMARY Price is the most important thing to get a listing sold. Here's how to get the listing priced right every time: 1.       "What the market is saying" is the only authority. 2.       Absolute Certainty. 3.       Buyers have to love the house AND the price, or they offer low or not at all.…

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How to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Business

SUMMARY The three steps to overcoming the fear of asking for business are: 1. Action. Face the fear and break through it with massive action. 2. Belief. Have the belief: "They need me." 3. Competence. When you're great at what you do, it creates a sense of responsibility and confidence that…

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