The One Success Secret No One Talks About in Real Estate

SUMMARY Everybody talks about technology and marketing plans and customer service and branding as keys to success, but no one talks about the biggest key to success for agents. It begins first with WHO matters in your real estate business: Your clients. That’s who you represent. It’s about them.…

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The Perfect Video Setup for Realtors on A Budget

SUMMARY Video is the most powerful (and still under-valued) marketing asset in your business. Here are the three key items you need to get started this week: 1. Your smartphone's video camera (which you already have!). 2. A tripod with bluetooth remote and phone holder: 3.…

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Why Glengary Ross is the Worst Sales Training Ever for Realtors

SUMMARY Glengarry Glen Ross is the worst sales training ever for Realtors because: 1. It portrays real estate sales as self-centered, not client-centered. 2. It's high pressure which causes high resistance. 3. It implies you have to to be a jerk to be successful. Here is the YesMasters approach…

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Should I Hold Open Houses for FSBOs?

SUMMARY Why would you? Two most common answers: "So they see how hard I'm working...and eventually list with me." and "To get buyers." Why you should not do open houses for buyers: 1. It tells them you don't have anything else to you're willing to work for free. Which is perfect when you…

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Stop Closing and Start Leading

SUMMARY Reason you get resistance from clients…is because you’re “CLOSING” on them. “ABC” (Always Be Closing) to me always implied “ALWAY BE PUSHY.” "Closing" connotes using high pressure tactics to get the decision. People hate to be pressure from the outside. LEADING is the art of inspiring or…

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