Top 10 Things I Love About Real Estate

SUMMARY TOP 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT REAL ESTATE OR “Why Real Estate Is the BEST Career Path…” 10. Ease of entry. 9. Control. 8. The competitiveness. 7. No competition. 6. Technology. (makes everything so much easier.) 5. Unlimited Income. 4. Speed to success. 3. Helping people. 2. Opportunity.…

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Why You Need More Stress

SUMMARY The most successful people seem to thrive under pressure. THE KEYS TO THRIVING UNDER PRESSURE: 1. Stop over-stressing over wrong things. 2. Realize that pressure is good….makes you stronger/better. 3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embrace good stress and pressure as path to…

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The Fastest Way to Get Out of Debt Forever

SUMMARY The answer is NOT to cut up your credit cards. 1. Stop focusing on "being in debt" and “Getting out of debt.” 2. Stop speaking the language of broke people. 3. Stop hating on rich people. 4. Immerse yourself in abundance. 5. Focus on making and having lots of money. 6. Visit your money…

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Why Most Real Estate Scripts Don’t Work (Really Suck)

Why Real Estate Scripts Don’t Work (and Most Suck!)

SUMMARY I just got dogged on FaceBook about one of my scripts.  And, yes, I took it personally.  The script he was dogging has made me over a million dollars and is not being used by agents all over the country successfully making them a lot of money today. However, his attack on one of my…

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The One Success Secret No One Talks About in Real Estate

SUMMARY Everybody talks about technology and marketing plans and customer service and branding as keys to success, but no one talks about the biggest key to success for agents. It begins first with WHO matters in your real estate business: Your clients. That’s who you represent. It’s about them.…

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