A Tale of Two Agents – The Real Reason 90% of Agents Fail

  Summary TRUTH: 80% of new agents are going to be out of the business within 24 months. How do you become the agent who succeeds rather than the agent who struggles to survive? Change the story that you hold in your mind about success, your self-worth, and your ability to achieve. There are…

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You Never Have to Cut Your Commissions Again

  Summary Here are 3 keys to never having to cut your commission...again: Greater Expertise. Commit to having a level of expertise greater than other real estate agents. People don't need any more information than what's already out there. They need an agent that's going to get them the…

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What to Do When They Cut Your Buyer-Side Commission

  Summary What do you do when the listing agent wants to cut your buyer side commission?  Get more listings. When you focus on working with sellers, you prevent being in this dilemma because you control the market, the inventory, and your commission.  Get into a Buyer Representation…

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EXPIRED STRATEGY: How Far Will You Go To Get A Million Dollar Listing?

  Summary How far are you willing to go to get a 15k or 50k commission check from an Expired? First, you want to get them interested in having a conversation with you and then get them to take action.*Click here to download your FREE copy of the BEST Expired script (plus other core real…

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Wearing Mask & Winning Businesses

Summary How do you show up in the world? Whether you realize it or not, you could be wearing a mask. It’s the facade that we want the public to see.  For real estate agents, this could mean using lies and B.S. tactics to get business. But this eventually works against you because prospects and…

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