April 26, 2018

What Competition Did For My Business

    SUMMARY I had just set a listing appointment with a FSBO.  I was a new agent, and the sellers told me they were also interviewing another agent from my office, Cindie Stewart. I made the mistake of telling Cindie we were both meeting with the same FSBO.  Without any pause, Cindy looked right at me and said, “I’m gonna kick your ass.” And…she did. I knew I had to get better.  Here are the three things I did: Upgraded my Mindset. (Confidence) Upgraded my Skillset. (Competence) Kept moving my Asset. (Consistency) Beating Cindie was not what mattered.  What mattered was not beating myself. Commit to winning….to becoming unbeatable…and […]
April 19, 2018

How to Transition from Part-Time to Full-Time Realtor

    SUMMARY If you want to know the answer for, “How do I go from part-time real estate agent to full time realtor?” Here is the answer: Commit to success. Set a date when you are going to be full-time. Get training. Go hard as long as your part-time. Treat real estate as your side hustle. Get word out to your Personal Circle. Get listing using turbo lead generation. Save all the money you make from your closings so you have a cushion for going full-time.   FULL TRANSCRIPT What are the five steps to help you make that transition quickly, painlessly, and powerfully, and profitably, and safely from […]
April 12, 2018

Why You Should Never Cold Call

    SUMMARY No.  I’m not saying don’t talk to strangers. Here is why “Cold-Calling” is not a prospecting approach I recommend: EXPECTATION. The MINDSET of “cold” implies an expectation of pain… You should always be warm towards people and expect their reception of you to be a warm reception. That immediately changes the activity into “warm-calling,” and that makes a huge difference. EFFECTIVENESS. Random (“cold”) calling is one of the least effective prospecting methods on the planet. FSBOs & Expireds…that is NOT cold-calling, Because they have declared, “We want to sell!” So they are actually HOT CALLING. Next is your Personal Circle…not only do they trust you…but they want […]
April 5, 2018

How to Beat the Competition as a Realtor

    SUMMARY The first secret to beating the competition is the stop trying to beat the competition. Remember the picture of Michael Phelps going for the gold medal and the swimmer in the lane next to him looking over at him. The caption said “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” Here’s 5 steps to win over any agent your competing against: 1. Be the best at what you do. Then you become the competition. Michael Jordan.  “I am the competition.” 2. Play your game. Stop trying to “beat Zillow at their game.” Stop trying to beat your competition by doing what they’re doing. Be YOU and use […]
March 29, 2018

What is the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge?

    SUMMARY A lot of real estate ask what the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is and what’s it all about.  The Challenge is about rapidly and dramatically changing your business and your life.  It is not an education program.  It is a transformational journey to mastery.  The transformation happens by focusing on two elements: #1) Implementation.  It’s about action, not just information. #2) Acceleration.  We focus on doing more in less time to accelerate the growth curve and your results. We focus on mastery in 5 key areas: Mindset. Strategies. Skills. Systems. Support. The Challenge is not for average agents or part-time agents.  It is for full-time agents committed to […]
March 21, 2018

How to Sell Every Listing

    SUMMARY The process of selling every listing is simple, but not necessarily easy. The four steps to sell every listing are: Price it right. Make it easy to show. Make it show great. Put it on the MLS with great pictures. So what is the obvious challenge?  How do you get the seller to price it right?  That is the greatest challenge for listing agents.  The solution is leadership skill.  It is your ability to lead a seller to make the right decision to help them get the best result.  That is THE SKILL that makes it possible to sell every listing.  You know how to sell every […]