How to Keep Up with The Market Changes

    Summary How do you stay up to date with the market as a real estate agent? To become a real estate market expert, you need to update and keep track of these 12 weekly statistics. New Listings. Active Listings New Pendings Expired and Cancelled Listings Off-Market and Withdrawn…

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Surviving the Crisis: It’s Not the Market or the Money

    Summary How do you survive the current crisis? You have to take care of these Seven Domains of Life: Feelings. Deal your emotions. Do declarations, associate with people who are thriving in the crisis, and feed your brain with good thoughts. Talk to someone who can help you.…

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No More Open Houses?!? What To Do

    Summary How do you get your seller in a multiple offer situation so that you can sell their house for the most money? Here are 5 Steps to Creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) With Buyers: Good Price. A good price gets buyers excited because they know that it’s going to go fast.…

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The Future, Real Estate, Stocks, Gold and Silver – Your Questions Answered

    Summary These are the most common questions I’ve been getting lately about real estate, the economy, and the future of the market: Q. What should I be investing in, if now’s not a good time to buy real estate? A. Invest in gold and silver if you’re looking for a hedge vs. inflation…

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  Summary Four key factors that will impact the future of the housing market: The Real Economy. When income is down, consumer spending is low. Forbearance. When forbearance becomes due by September or October, and people decide to sell because they can’t make their payments, there will be a…

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