November 16, 2017


    SUMMARY Your responsibility is to be the best.  I know that sounds totally ridiculous in the real estate industry, considering the bar is set so low, but I believe it is where the bar should be set. Think about it.  Motivated sellers and buyers do not want a mediocre Realtor.  They’re not looking for an amateur.  Are they looking for the 4th best or 20th best?  Middle of the pack?  No…they want the best agent that can deliver the best results for them. Do they deserve the best?  Of course!  This is typically their largest financial asset or commitment of their lives.  They have the right to expect […]
November 9, 2017

Is A Zestimate As Accurate As CMA

    SUMMARY When done correctly, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will consistently be more accurate and more reliable than a Zestimate.  Why? Because Zestimates® are automated, computer-generated estimates that are generated from a set algorithm based on simple numbers available through MLS & Tax Records such as square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, garage, and tax appraised values, etc. Because a CMA uses more information and data than just raw numbers. A market analysis takes into account the features, quality, location, and condition of the subject property and the comparable properties. Because a CMA adds the benefit of human intelligence where a license agent actually evaluates all the factors […]
October 31, 2017

How To Deal With Frustrations As A Real Estate Agents

    SUMMARY Recently I received an email from a coaching member who was frustrated by difficult “it” had become.  She said, “IT is hard.”  And “IT is tough.” So…how do you overcome “IT?”  …Because it eventually gets to all of us. Push through it. Face it. Embrace it…as part of your education toward greatness. Watch the video for more on overcoming the things that stop us.   FULL TRANSCRIPT I overheard somebody just the other day tell me that they said you’ve got to go see the new movie It, that It is the most terrifying horror movie of 2017. Now, I’m not into horror movies that much, and […]
October 12, 2017

The Numbers That Matter For Real Estate Success

    SUMMARY Wars are not won on the battlefield…but in the war room where the strategy is planned, activity is monitored and assessed…progress and setbacks are evaluated and adjustments are made. Where does that happen in real estate?  It happens in tracking your numbers and evaluating what’s working and not working and then make adjustments to move your business forward.  Unfortunately, most agents don’t take the time to strategically measure and evaluate their activities and results. Tracking your numbers gives you the awareness to assess and make needed adjustments to accelerate your success.  The most basic numbers to track and evaluate are the time spent daily and money spent […]
October 5, 2017

Do You Need A Coach?

      FULL TRANSCRIPT Here is part of an email question I received last week: “I like your positive, upbeat style, and have [a question] for you:  Shouldn’t a productive agent be self-motivated enough not to need coaching?” Clint L, Los Angeles, CA Frankly, Clint, a self-motivated agent is the only type of agent that is ready for coaching.  Someone who is not self-motivated, is not ready for the entrepreneurial nature of being an independent contractor (i.e. your own boss). However, this reflects the dominant thinking in the real estate industry…and that is that the primary purpose of having a coach is to have someone hold you accountable.  WRONG!!! […]
September 21, 2017

How To Stop Losing The Deals That Should Be Yours

    SUMMARY Why do agents miss deals from people they know?  Why don’t we get more repeat and referral business.  The answer is painful, but simple. It’s primarily because we are afraid. 4 THINGS AGENTS FEAR ABOUT ASKING PEOPLE THEY KNOW FOR BUSINESS: Of bugging their friends for business Of begging their friends for business. Of rejection… We’re afraid that they may not trust us. Of failing. We are afraid that we might fail and let them down. So what is the solution? How can you get over the fear? Get very good at what you do. Believe in what you do. Expect them to want to help you […]