Top 10 Reasons Agents Stay Stuck Below $100K

  Summary   Here are 10 reasons that most agents don't make $100,000 a year (and beyond):   Lack of commitment. Not going all-in limits your ability to produce more because it takes time and 100% COMMITMENT to master the skill of representing your clients well.  Fear. Agents’…

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Will Smith vs. Chris Rock vs. 10 Million Opinions. . .Who’s Right?

    Summary An actor smacks another actor right in the face, live on stage at the Academy Awards.  People were quick to give their different opinions on what happened as if they were better and had the right to judge the situation. But more than what anybody thinks, what matters is what…

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“No FSBOs” and other B.S.

    Summary Where are you holding on to a story that is holding you back? We each have our own story. It’s the reality that you tell yourself about the market, a strategy you’ve learned, or about your capabilities (e.g. “I’m too shy, I’m not good with FSBOs.”).  But whether or not it is…

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Difference Between The Successful & Unsuccessful

  Summary The biggest misconception is that successful people have it easier than everybody else. People think that they’re better and smarter than the rest of us. But the truth is… Successful people are the ones who have gone through the biggest struggles in their lives. The difference is…

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Real Estate Agents And Rising Gas Prices

  Summary People are in a frenzy over the rising cost of gasoline. The harsh reality is… if you’re panicking over gasoline prices, that only means that you’re broke. Because rising gasoline prices and other similar situations will persist, whether you like it or not. If you plan to succeed,…

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