Kevin Ward Interview


  Summary Agents avoid prospecting because it's a hit-or-miss activity that takes a lot of time, patience, and skill (also because it requires nerves of steel). There's always that fear of a prospect on the phone yelling at you...especially when you’re prospecting FSBOS or Expireds.…

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How to Dramatically Improve Your Prospecting Results Fast

  Summary How do you dramatically increase your prospecting results fast?  First, have the BEST scripts (and master them). Click here to get your FREE download of my best core prospecting and lead generation scripts. Make prospecting a game. Here’s howPick fun Role Play partners.…

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Real Estate 2021: How to Get More Listings

  Summary What you do now (regardless of the future of the market) will determine your success going into 2021… If you want to have a great start in 2021, here are the FACTS you have to remember:In terms of your business, 2021 has already started because every lead you get now will…

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How to Do A Powerful Listing Presentation on Zoom

  Summary Here are 7 strategies to make your presentation extremely powerful: 1. Master the in-person listing presentation. Master the script, don’t read it. Get your FREE download of the YesMasters Listing presentation from the Agent Power Pack here . Role play on Zoom and record…

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How to Role Play Scripts Like A Pro

SUMMARY If you haven't seen the first video in this series..."How to Start Role Playing Scripts", click on this link to watch it first. The secret to getting good fast is effective roleplay. You must practice it correctly for it to work. Here are the 5 steps to roleplaying like a pro:Play with…

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