Real Estate vs The Great Crypto-Deception

  Summary Which is the better investment, real estate or cryptocurrency?  Here are some reasons why real estate reigns over crypto: Stability. Real estate has a history that cryptocurrency does not have. In terms of investment, cryptocurrency is still brand new and very volatile. Leverage.…

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Should I Get Into Real Estate?

  Summary Is real estate right for you? How do you know if you’re going to succeed in real estate?  If you want to win in real estate, there are 3 characteristics that you must have: RISK. Are you willing to embrace risk & the reality of failure? Be willing to put yourself out there,…

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Powerful NLP Technique to Keep Prospects on The Phone

  Summary A real estate agent’s communication skills are the most important key in lead generation and lead conversion. But what do you do when a prospect won’t even talk to you on the phone? One powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) communication technique you must master is called a…

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The Most Powerful Script Ever for Real Estate Agents

  Summary How do you get better with Scripts? Get Practice Get going Get feedback. (From prospects, role play partners, and your coach). BUT...the most important and powerful script that you will ever master is the one inside your head. This is the story of what you say to yourself (e.g.…

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Biggest Mistake Realtors Make With FSBO’s in A Seller’s Market

  Summary Here are the top 3 mistakes that most real estate agents make with FSBOs.  You think that … FSBOs don’t need you to sell their house bec you think they can sell it themselves. FSBOs can do as good a job as you. The only way for you to win is for the FSBO to lose. You can get the…

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