The Biggest Marketing mistake most realtors make

The Biggest Marketing Mistake Most Realtors Make

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What is the best way to market myself as a Real Estate Agent?

Great question.  Most agents try to figure out their personal “marketing strategy,” before they figure out exactly what it is that they are marketing.  Obviously, you are marketing yourself and your services, right?

The problem is that many agents try to figure out how to market themselves BEFORE they have figured out how to deliver great results for sellers and buyers once they hire you.  To use an analogy, it would make no sense to market a car, before you even have created a quality car to sell them once your marketing attracts a car buyer.  That is a huge mistake (and probably false advertising!).

Creating great marketing for yourself on the front end before you are great at delivering great results on the back end is getting the cart before the horse.  First, learn how to deliver great results as an agent for your clients.  Learn how to list and sell a house for top dollar and get your clients the best terms and price, and THEN you have something awesome to market.

Agents often want better marketing, when what they really need is better skills and strategies for converting clients and getting great results once the marketing works.  I know, this is not something many agent will want to hear…but this is the truth and what will make your marketing infinitely more effective.  Work on making YOU great BEFORE you worry about making your marketing great.


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