Best Real Estate Marketing: No Gimmicks, Please

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Last week because of a glitch in my email auto-responder, I accidentally sent an email to over 10,000 agents congratulating them for signing up for one of my training programs (even though they had not actually signed up for it).  My inbox was flooded with confused, annoyed, and even angry agents.  I was horrified.

The next morning I immediately sent out an apology email with the subject line: “Oops…wrong email.”  Again I received dozens and dozens of emails, mostly from agents thanking me for clearing up the confusion.  But what amazed me was the number of agents telling me that they had thought my email was a marketing gimmick!

I was totally surprised by that.  If you know me at all, you know that I am totally opposed to B.S. of any kind in sales and marketing, and most marketing gimmicks are totally B.S. in my opinion.  So this was a cool aha moment for me.

Here’s what I learned: marketing gimmicks work…at least to get attention.  But once they get your attention, do they cause you to want what’s being marketed?  It captures attention, but it doesn’t necessarily create attraction.  Here’s the big IF…if the marketing gimmick makes them feel tricked, you lose, because they are actually repelled by the B.S.

The best marketing strategies are ones that capture attention in ways that are creative, but not deceptive.  No one likes Bait-n-Switch (BS) tactics.  People love to be surprised, intrigued, even shocked, just ask long as you don’t make them like they were deceived.  You can get “yes” without the B.S.


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