How to Beat the Competition as a Realtor

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The first secret to beating the competition is the stop trying to beat the competition.

Remember the picture of Michael Phelps going for the gold medal and the swimmer in the lane next to him looking over at him. The caption said “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.”

Here’s 5 steps to win over any agent your competing against:

1. Be the best at what you do.

Then you become the competition.

Michael Jordan.  “I am the competition.”

2. Play your game.

Stop trying to “beat Zillow at their game.” Stop trying to beat your competition by doing what they’re doing.

Be YOU and use your strengths.

3. Forget the competition.

Competition rarely matters.  70% of sellers will only interview one agent.  Focus on relationships and positioning.

4. Focus on the results your clients want and the life you want.

5. Make competition a game. Have fun with it.

Nothing is more empowering for you than when the competition sees you’re not bothered by them.

Winners are going to win.  Collaborate with them and all grow.


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