Success Stories

  • “Kevin Ward’s Real Estate Vortex Training Camp is a great benefit for both brand new and seasoned agents alike. The strategies discussed are highly effective for generating new business and I love how Kevin provides a straightforward, actionable program to follow. Perhaps even more important for me personally is the inspirational philosophy that underlies the entire Camp. I attend Real Estate Vortex every time it’s offered and I always feel incredibly inspired to be the BEST at what I do. Kevin has a true gift for helping you tap into your strength and for pushing you to demand more of yourself so you can achieve great things for your clients, your business, and your life.” “Before I even attended the seminar, I used his scripts and I got a listing out of it, and from that listing…I got 3 transactions out of it. It’s mind-blowing how much this guy knows…and the way he provides a lot of content. That’s what I love about Kevin. I’ve been to a lot of different seminars. This is content you actually get to use. This last listing that I got…this word for word script from Kevin…I got two listings out of it.”

    EVA LIN Pasadena, CA
  • “Exactly the perspective I needed. That’s why you are the best…Since we met, I have attended a few other seminars but no one has moved me to action the way you did. Can’t hardly wait until September!”

    MIKE GANINO Hollywood, CA
  • “I have been at the REV Training camp 2 times now. Kevin’s teachings have helped me be able to stay top-of-mind with my past clients and build my database of new potential clients to the next level. There is no need to be paying for lead generation services, save your money and work with people that already know you and trust you. I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to assist past clients in multiple transactions thanks to the REV Training. Just one client (a residential lease client by the way) gave me not 1, but 3 ALL CASH transactions within a 2 month period totaling 2.6 Million in sales!!. This same exact experience was repeated again with another client 4 months later!! This time my client is purchasing 10 properties ALL CASH!. This is all thanks to the tools along with skill and professionalism learned at the Vortex.”

    JOSE CONTRERAS Porter Ranch, CA
  • “This is my second FX Extreme Training Camp with Kevin Ward. He’s genuinely interested in your success. In my own business…results…I’ve doubled my own income. My listings are getting sold because they’re priced right. He’s an awesome trainer!”

    DENA KELLY St. Petersburg, FL
  • “Got my first listing this weekend and it was from an expired listing. I really believe I got the listing because I focused on what the seller wants and I showed I really cared about that. Thanks, Kevin, for the great advice!”

  • “The Real Estate Vortex has been one of the biggest sources of transactions for me last year. My mindset changed from just trying to get “now” business to positioning myself as their agent for life. It has made prospecting less stressful since it doesn’t bother me if they are ready right now. I know eventually they will buy or sell, and I will be there when they do. It’s also brought a better balance in my life. With 2 little kids, I found it difficult to do FSBO and Expireds because I couldn’t get on the phone at 8am to call expireds. The leads I get from the Vortex already have a positive opinion of me and they are often not interviewing several agents. Business and life are just so much less stressful! Thanks!” “I’m a wife and mom of two kids. I chose Kevin as my coach because he was very clear that real estate is not your life. Kevin really showed me that to be the best I could be as a working mom and showing my kids that I can reach my goals, which means they can reach whatever goals that they want. My business has grown exponentially every year. When you see everybody else being successful…and when you see others struggling and still being successful anyways…it makes me realize that everyone goes through struggles and that you can still be growing your business… And that’s how we ended up in the Inner Circle and renewing every year.”

    PEGGY YEE Virginia, USA
  • “Kevin, I am sitting waiting for my flight at LAX, processing all the incredible information you gave us this week. First and foremost, this is by far the best training I have received in my 35 years in real estate. I can’t thank you enough for your sincere commitment to our success. Your passion and sincerity shine brightly through the training and coaching you provide. I considered myself a Professional after 35 years of real estate practice. I learned this week however, that I was well short of being a true pro, for the simple fact, I wasn’t being the Best. I now know, it is my responsibility to Be the Best, for my client’s and family’s interests. So after 35 years, I am going Pro. You have no idea the impact you will have on me, my family and my clients. Thank you!”

  • “I’m really excited that I found Kevin because he’s no BS trainer. He’s not like a lot of other agents that you see around using some BS scripts and really playing with sellers. He’s very authentic, genuine and I think very real and that’s very important for me, so I love what he does!”

    MALLIE MESSRI Los Angeles, CA
  • “Attended the 3-Day Kevin Ward Double Your Listing Power Training Camp. Seeing, hearing, and experiencing the ListMaster material from A to Z was PRICELESS!! It allowed me to connect the dots with the entire process, and to walk away with more internalized knowledge and confidence. It’s been said that MASTERY in any field requires 10,000 hours of practice/experience. The massive content of this training camp can greatly compress the number of hours required. THANK you Kevin Ward!!”

    KEVIN WON San Diego, CA
  • “The way the inner circle has changed my business and life is literally things that I didn’t think were achievable, I know that they are achievable. And having a mentor …who’s setting a standard and living to a level that you want to be at.”

    JACOBE KENDRICK #1 Listing Agent in Region - Weichert Realtors, Midland, TX
  • How to Sell a Lot of Listings “Thank you Kevin for the educational 6 weeks has been eye opening. The 3 day camp was awesome. I was not expecting to learn posture…and body language. No one in my life has taught me any of this. Have been to other seminars but nothing like this. You rock my world.”

  • “…in his 100-Day Challenge…I triple my business in 100 Days. The 100 days before the Challenge I made $46,000, and in the 100 days in the Challenge I made over $120,000.”

  • “I went to my first event with Kevin, and that’s when I made my decision that he was going to be my coach. He was absolutely real, transparent, and everything that he said, I knew that if I listened to it, that my business would be successful. And…seeing the members that were in the inner circle, and the sense of community and family…I knew that was something that I wanted to be a part of. My time at the Mastermind has been absolutely awesome…spending more time with Kevin and Julie, and actually being here at the Masterminds have been great. …being with the other members and seeing how they have taken their businesses to another level, and their families and their friends, and just the other things that they’re doing. The inner circle is not just about your real estate business, it’s about your life and who you want to become as a person. That’s been the greatest thing for me.”

    JERRY WEAVER 3DX Real Estate - Canton, MI
  • “I was pretty experienced in real estate, but feel like my game is at a whole new level now. In the first 9 weeks of the Challenge, I’ve sold nearly $4 million in real estate and earned about $96,000 in commission. And I feel like my confidence over all is a lot higher than before the Challenge began. And with each new training…it’s through the roof…and I’m really excited.”

    SARAH DAVIS (3-Time Challenge Finisher) - San Diego, CA
  • “Kevin is awesome! I first found him on YouTube. Then…I invested in the Challenge and 10X’d my business in 100 days. Kevin is legit…he’s the real deal. I can’t say enough good things about him. He has changed my life. He will make you play better.”

    BUCHI OFFODILE Greenville, MD
  • “…wanted to give you a BIG thank you for all the coaching that i’ve received and learned from you… Right now I’m already on track to doing twice the amount of business this year just from your ListMaster Training Camp you had. …When I started with Kevin about 6 months ago I set a goal to do over $20,000 in a single month off my production. Happy to share I smashed that GOAL by over 10K.. I’m beyond grateful to Kevin and this amazing platform he’s put on that has allowed all of us to WIN.”

    LUIS AMAYA Sky Homes & Luxury Estates - Downey, CA
  • “He has changed my life and he’s changed my mindset and how I think about things. Before I was a buyer’s agent doing 30 transactions, working 60…70 hours a week…not really getting anywhere, plateauing. Now I’m at a whole different level. I took 42 listings in a last 80 days. So if I could do it anybody can do it.”

    ALEX PEREZ-MUNOZ Palm Springs, CA
  • “Kevin’s coaching…has been one of the best decisions that I have made. He’s not only my real estate coach, he’s actually my life coach as well. And as far as business, my production for some reason keeps doubling every year, which is a good problem to have.”

    ALEX KHALILIFARD RE/Max - Woodland Hills, CA
  • “So authentic and so real…I knew that…if I continued to train with him it would make me a great agent. I joined his 100-Day [ListMaster] Challenge, which was unbelievable…learned so much, and was lucky enough to be able to join the Inner Circle… It’s the most amazing experience ever!”

    ERIN DOWN The Downs Group, #1 Team - Keller Williams, Jersey City, NJ
  • Share Tweet Share Flip Buffer Email You were a big factor in my rise to becoming #5 out of 350 agents in my market place in just 3.5 years. I used to spend hours watching your listing videos and practicing your scripts. I’ve since become a listing machine and the rest is history. I love what you are doing…. you offer some of the most practical stuff I’ve ever come across and I’m walking proof that if applied will produce MASSIVE RESULTS!

    ADAM STARK Gordon Real Estate - Jefferson City, MO
  • I went in to an appointment today fully prepared. All credits to you, because I felt so confident and helpful. I got the listing…$2.5 Million! Before I got involved with your program, I was at a cross road of either quitting altogether or applying for an assistant job at another company. I was totally overwhelmed and mad at myself for not being able to produce with better results. Then I joined your video program. It totally cleared my mind, and regained my confidence. I wished I had known you sooner, I wasted months joining so many other programs, but didn’t get anywhere. too much theory and hypothetical stuffs, nobody showed me what I need to do. Your program is God sent. Thank you!

    JINNIE CHAO Keller Williams Peninsula Estates - Hillsborough, CA
  • You are a great gift in my life. I am very lucky to be in your coaching program and learning so much from you. Your daily motivational messages are very helpful to start the day strong. THANK YOU!

    DULCE VERA Pulse Realty - Las Vegas, NV