7 Strategies to Get 5 Deals From Every Listing

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How do you get one listing and turn it into 5 transactions? You leverage success.

Here are 7 strategies to get 5 additional deals from a listing:

  1. Put a sign in the yard. Motivated buyers will go directly to you, the listing agent.

  2. Sell the listing. Putting a SOLD sign on the FOR SALE sign gives you credibility.

  3. Neighborhood Direct Mail Campaign Send out 5 separate mailers to every home in the neighborhood about the listing. (Coming soon, Just listed postcard, invitation to the open house event, Pending, Sold). This tells them that you’re the agent that gets results.

  4. Door-knock and invite at least 200 neighbors to the Open House Event (script is in The Book of YES <link>) on the first weekend the house is on the market.

  5. Have a powerful Open House Event with online registration (use Open Home Pro or Spac.io ), and follow up with unrepresented prospects. Send them a Personal Intro Video that same day. This helps them remember you.

  6. Ask the seller for referrals before, during, and after the sale. You’ve already earned their trust when they hired you.

  7. Get a video testimonial from your seller. Use it on your website & social media. Third-person testimonials are the best marketing on the planet.

Create systems to do these strategies consistently, and you can always expect YES!

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What other strategies do you use to get more deals? Share them in the comments below.


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