3 Stupid Mistakes New Realtors Make

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When you’re a new agent, you are going to make mistakes. But the more you learn from others’ mistakes (and avoid them) the better off you’ll be.

Here are 3 stupid mistakes new realtors make:

1) Starting too slow. It’s harder to succeed as a part-time agent (I talk about it HERE [link to old post]) because it takes too long to get all these things that matter- skills, confidence, street credibility, momentum, and market presence. If you want to make money fast, you must go all-in, full commitment as a professional.

2) Starting too smart. Don't think for a minute that having some professional background in a related field will make you great as a real estate agent, because it's totally different actually getting people to hire you to sell their house for top dollar. It’s okay to start stupid, just get a coach or mentor who’s a top producer to train you.

3) Starting too stingy. Don’t go out there looking for the lowest splits or refusing to split a transaction with a seasoned broker who can help you. Get the best support to help you get a lot of wins under your belt if you want to win in real estate. Think about the long-term.

Now that you know these mistakes, do whatever it takes to avoid them. Get yourself in the game, get success, and win!

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