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Your responsibility is to be the best.  I know that sounds totally ridiculous in the real estate industry, considering the bar is set so low, but I believe it is where the bar should be set.

Think about it.  Motivated sellers and buyers do not want a mediocre Realtor.  They’re not looking for an amateur.  Are they looking for the 4th best or 20th best?  Middle of the pack?  No...they want the best agent that can deliver the best results for them.

Do they deserve the best?  Of course!  This is typically their largest financial asset or commitment of their lives.  They have the right to expect the best. 

It is also your fiduciary responsibility.

“What if I’m not the best?”  Commit to become the best.  The moment you commit to becoming the just got better immediately, because your intensity and commitment just got totally real.  Now your results matter.  Your performance matters.  The clients matter.  And you will feel great about the work you are doing with this new level of commitment.


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